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Champ De Ville.
We are dedicated to promoting & developing sustainable & productive urban agriculture.

Change is necessary.

Are you an aspiring urban farmer looking to join a community that shares your passion for sustainable agriculture? Look no further! Champ De Ville is here to help.

Our platform aims to provide future urban agripreneurs with all the information needed to build a successful urban aquaponic farm. We help farmers find a location for their farm, find experts to guide them, and monetize their products through our centralized distribution network.

Be part of shaping the future of food production in our cities. Make a difference and be part of our solution.

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Our solution

No middleman

Champ de Ville is a direct-to-consumer Marketplace, where agripreneurs can sell their products directly to restaurants and consumers. Its online marketplace allows agripreneurs to sell all the value chain of their product and decrease the costs related to distribution, storage, or sales at local markets and eventually marketing.

Network of farms

With the Champ de Ville ecosystem, urban aquaponic farms are encouraged to be set up in vacant lots within city limits. This will reduce transportation costs, contribute to a clean environment and help fight food waste.

Local ecosystem

Champ de Ville is a platform that helps urban farmers benefit from the expertise of our partners to develop sustainable and productive urban agriculture. It will help you monetize your products by guaranteeing direct sales to consumers.

Take Control of Your Food by demanding for fresh, locally grown produce and fish.

Community engagement

By working together, we can create a network of urban farms that provide fresh, nutritious produce and promote a more sustainable lifestyle for all.
Our approach focuses on local food production, water conservation, pollution prevention, and economic development, with the goal of creating a healthier and more resilient community.

Economic development

Our platform offers significant economic benefits for future agripreneurs as well as for the city itself. The creation of several small urban aquaponic farms and a centralized distribution channel can generate new employment opportunities and stimulate the local economy. Urban farmers can sell their fresh produce directly to consumers, which can also improve food safety and quality for citizens.

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Market Analysis

There is a growing trend towards sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming practices, which bodes well for an aquaponic farm that uses a closed-loop system that reduces waste and relies on fewer resources.

Be part of a growing movement

Join Champ de Ville, revolutionize urban food production, and create a sustainable future. As an urban farmer, you can meet the demand for locally grown fresh produce.

Access to resources and support

Start your urban farm with Champ de Ville. Access resources, support, and affordable spots in the urban areas, water, and other resources to help you get started.

Opportunities for growth and success

Join Champ de Ville for access to a growing marketplace, where we will promote and sell your produce. Connect with other farmers and collaborate on new projects while reaching a wider audience.

Our mission is to provide a convenient, and reliable marketplace for small and medium-sized urban aquaponics farms to sell their products and reach a wider audience.

We are committed to supporting the success and profitability of these farms by providing them with the resources and expertise needed to thrive. Our goal is to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle by providing consumers with easy access to fresh, locally sourced produce while contributing to the growth and development of small businesses in the agricultural sector.

Our vision is to create a sustainable and profitable platform that connects consumers with high-quality, locally sourced products from small to medium-sized urban aquaponics farms. We want to revolutionize the food industry by promoting environmentally and socially responsible farming practices that prioritize the health of our planet and our communities.